Santos Shipping, São Paolo (Brazil)

In the port of Santos, near Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the cruise ended and hitchhiking on the mainland continues. Santos is apparently the biggest port of Latin America, so it’s not uncommon to see these huge container ships passing by or lying in wait in front of the port. Love the moodiness of the weather!

I swear I find containerships beautiful. Unironically beautiful. Aggressively functional is an aesthetic. Much like architecture, I think the shape, size, and design of containerships reflects our world. Yada yada globalization. I think that on the whole, this is a positive development. Because I like drinking coffee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Did you know that one of my biggest wishes is to one day hitchhike a containership? I’ve barely just arrived in South America, but I couldn’t tell you what I’d do if someone offered me NOW to hitchhike a containership across another ocean. Yes, even if it would return to Spain where I just came from. Even if it would take another 14–31 days aboard, I’d seriously consider it. That would of course mean that Jonas will travel to Perú by himself, probably by airplane. It would be a rather short-lived adventure with him.


This is an older photo, as I’m currently in Paraguay just across the border and will come with new (and delicious!) updates very soon from this fascinating but unknown country!

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