Hitchhiking Bucket List: #2 A Containership

Contrary to most popular hitchhiking wisdom, boats are actually hitchable. I have only hitched a 12-meter big luxurious motorboat so far, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to hitch an ocean-crossing containership. These big chonky guys travel everywhere, so the possibilities are endless!

What I figured out so far:

  • You’ll need to obtain your STCW-95 (Google is your friend) to flaunt it in people’s faces
  • You’ll probably need to work aboard. I’m not sure if you can still call it hitchhiking then
  • The more experienced you are at sea, A) the greater the chances they’ll take you and B) the greater the chance they’ll pay you
  • Earning money aboard will make your overland journeys venture deeper
  • Earning money aboard is nice
  • Oil tankers probably won’t take you for security reasons

My big dream? Hitchhiking a PanaMax ship that can go through the Panama Canal!

Psssst! If anybody who reads this knows how to make it happen for real, contact me or mention it in a comment or something! Thanks!

Edited to add: I’m now on CrewBay and FindACrew. Click here to check out my CrewBay profile and here’s my Find a Crew profile. I know this isn’t for hitchhiking or working aboard containerships. But perhaps someone with both a yacht and a containership will read this and think “Oh cool, someone who can work aboard and doesn’t vomit.” That’s me in a nutshell.]

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