Hitchhiking Bucket List: #1 The Top Gear Crew

This one might be difficult, but it would be the absolute dream to hitch along with (one of the) Top Gear guys, wherever they might be and whatever car they are driving at that time. Whether it’s a crazy fast car on one of Europe’s good highways or a Lada Niva somewhere in the taiga. Doesn’t matter if it’s Jeremy, James, or Richard. I don’t care. They probably all live inside the United Kingdom, so that’s probably where chances are highest. I have no idea when I’ll be back in the UK.

A hitchhiker can dream…

But perhaps they always drive fancy cars they own in their free time, which probably means they won’t want a hitchhiker in their car (though I’m very clean and tidy, usually. I don’t make any promises).

These guys must be fun in real life too, besides hosting the UK’s most precious television program. My favorite episode was the one about the Transfăgărășean Highway in Romania. I used to watch it sporadically while in high school with my stepfather, who’s very much into automobiles and motorcycles.


Pssst! If anybody can bring me into contact with the top gear guys or tell me their location I can set up a thumb trap!

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