Budva, Montenegro: Spontaneous Laundry Day

Yes, this is a photo of clean laundry in Budva… but the story behind it is pretty cool!

When hitchhiking to Kruče I stopped the second car that passed. Besides being remarkable as one of my fastest hitchhiking times – stopped for me in like 20 seconds – the driver owns this drycleaning business chain. He’s originally from Serbia and owns ‘Pingvin drycleaning’ in the cities of Podgorica, Budva, and Bar. He was driving all the way to my destination but had to make some stops at his businesses on the way to exit Kruče.

After hearing my story of traveling through the Balkans, he offered me to do my laundry for free! Yes, my clothes were (a bit?) smelly. And I hadn’t washed one pair of pants at all since the start of this trip… (in my defense, I haven’t worn them much either.) A long-term traveler can’t say no to professional, clean laundry, ever! The people who worked at Pingvin Drycleaning in Budva were extremely friendly and professional and I must say I got a little high from the detergent and softener smells. They even folded my clothes, so all I had to do was shove them in my backpack and I was ready to travel with my driver again to the next franchise. I don’t remember laundry to take this little time.

We talked a lot on the way and he eventually dropped me right where I needed to be. I’m not sure if he drove me 25 kilometers extra since the last Pingvin is in Bar, but that’s of course his choice. This was probably my best hitchhiking experience in Montenegro! 😀

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