Pellaifa: The Circuit of the Seven Lakes, Chile

A cold morning at the Pellaifa lakeside in Chile’s south. It’s part of the awesome “circuit of the seven lakes”, which is the name of the route. The region is still quite hitchable one week after the Chilean school holidays have ended. The end of the holidays is something I’ve been looking forward to since arriving here. Family tourism has polluted some of the villages over the holidays. The signs are still everywhere: trash and endless cigarette butts on the shores, the remnants of a billion “cabañas” advertisements on offer. In general, Chileans care about their environment. But when itContinue reading

Earthquake Memorial in Chanco, Chile

After receiving an invitation from a Spanish blog reader living and working in Chile, I decided to make a little detour from my route southward. I hitchhiked to Maria in Chanco. She’s an architecture student, but currently, she put her studies on hold. That’s because she’s busy reconstructing buildings damaged by the 2010 earthquake. I happened to visit Chanco exactly six years after, also on the 27th of February. The team of artists made a remembrance mural with natural colors found in the earth surrounding the village. Some of the mixes (adobe) contained some straw or hay to make theContinue reading

Santiago de Chile: Achievement Unlocked!

Hello from the roadside! Your friendly neighborhood worldwide hitchhiker just arrived in Santiago de Chile, which is Chile’s capital city. To get here, Jonas and I hitchhiked an empty bus/van of sorts. We met a guy who lived in Punta Arenas. For reference: Punta Arenas is close-ish to Antarctica and my goal for traveling southward. He was planning to just stay there for two months, but then he lived there for fifteen years! I wonder if the same will happen to me… We exchanged phone numbers so by the time I reach Punta Arenas I can give him a callContinue reading

La Serena: Reading in the Japanese Garden (Chile)

En route to Santiago de Chile, there are many cities worth a visit, but somehow there seems to be only domestic tourism. One of them is the city of La Serena, which has a sweet Japanese garden. It’s good for book reading and a mandatory relaxation session with ducks, koi fish, and some scary looking swans. It was so peaceful until someone with a few too many kids showed up with eyes set on destroying plants and harassing the animals. Then the peace was gone. There should be more childfree places in this world. Now I’ll need to continue readingContinue reading

Atacama Desert Hitchhiking—Trees + Rain, Please! (Chile)

The Atacama is a huge desert, yet it only takes a handful of cars to get going to where you need to be! As in the entirety of Chile, you can basically only travel North or South, nearly all traffic goes a long distance. It’s easy to find a ride to Chile’s capital city Santiago. But seriously, one can only appreciate so much Atacama Desert. I need to see a tree or a bunch of trees. Something taller than a shrub. I’m traveling in the wrong season to see the (annual?) blooming of the Atacama Desert. The people I’ve takenContinue reading

Camping Stove Cooking at the Chilean Coast (Paposo)

Who’s up for a cup of mint tea on the beach in Paposo? After a long search, I finally found a cheap camping stove with a fairly universal fuel system. A shop in the Zona Franca of Iquique (Zofri) that also sells children’s toys and Christmas decorations (!?) and other completely random objects had this beauty of a camping stove. It has some kind of metal skirt that’s its wind protection and hugs my pot completely. And it has a sparker that makes it very easy and safe to turn on. If you can’t tell yet: I’m so fucking happy!Continue reading

Paranal Observatory, Chile: Tour Group Crashing

“Paranal Observatory, Chile: Tour Group Crashing” has a Russian 🇷🇺 translation: «Паранальская Обсерватория, Чили: Незваные Туристы» Today cannot be described as anything else than plain epic. Together with Jonas, I hitchhiked from Antofagasta to the Paranal Observatory. Our drivers were kind enough to drive us up the mountain out of their way. They drove back downhill and we anticipated hitchhiking another car down within the hour. I definitely didn’t expect to come closer to the Very Large Telescope than the security guys at the gate. But it is a Saturday today and the tour group was just about to leave.Continue reading

Pisagua, Chile: Squatter’s Paradise

Northern Chile has provided me with a lot of fun things to do so far. One of the most rewarding detours off the main road south has been visiting the hamlet of Pisagua and its abundant former glory. This used to be one of Chile’s biggest ports back in the day, which one can’t imagine anymore. A lot of buildings are wooden, including the semi-abandoned theatre. The theatre now hosts a tiny library and internet café in one of the small rooms. Only a few shops provided my provisions of food and water. After walking around, I’ve spotted four restaurantsContinue reading

Perú to Chile by Hitchhiking (Tacna – Arica Border Crossing)

Goodbye Perú and hello Chile! I hitchhiked from Perú to Chile by starting at Tacna’s airport. Then I caught a ride to the border with Chile and onward to the beach city of Arica. Besides the heat, it was fairly easy to stop a ride. But I can’t complain as I had a nice palm tree to provide me shadow. This is where I stood in coordinates: -18.049486297999366, -70.27823982373954 I’ve been adding all kinds of information to recently as there are not a whole bunch of articles on South America. And I’m currently here anyway 😉 What can I sayContinue reading