Photogenic Street Pups in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Though the concept of stray puppies, dogs, and other pets makes me sad, I love puppies. I love to see them all day, every day. Here in Vrelo Bosne park in Sarajevo, I encountered this litter of sweet photogenic street pups. They were so fluffy and playful and a little sleepy. They reminded me of the pups that lived with us in Vake Park in Georgia. This is also about as good as my photography skills will get, I’m afraid.

photogenic street pups bosnia and herzegovina sarajevo 2 photogenic street pups bosnia and herzegovina sarajevo 3

But it’s also heartbreaking. The mom dog was nowhere in sight. I’m not sure if these photogenic street pups were old enough to fend for themselves. Before I encountered the full litter, I saw this puppy in the grass. I hope there’s an organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina that does trap–neuter–return (TNR) so that there won’t be more suffering later on when these puppies have puppies.

photogenic street pups bosnia and herzegovina sarajevo 1

This reminds me of the dumbest conversation I ever had with someone. That was also in Vake Park last year. One young woman who stayed in the camp for one night with her boyfriend argued that dogs should have the choice to have puppies or not. I tried to tell her that dogs don’t really have reproductive choices or have litters by consent. But she responded with “You shouldn’t take the possibility of experiencing the joy of motherhood away from any creature.”

Holy fuck. She was apparently okay with the suffering created by endless dog pregnancies and dead puppies and mom dogs resulting from it. I’ve never met someone who imposed their dumb breeder logic on pets too.

Breeders are wild.



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