Maastricht: Wholesome Activities in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter

You might already know that I’ve lived in Maastricht twice, both times as a student. To be precise: from summer 2010 till winter 2013. I returned to the city from January till December 2018 to finish my bachelor’s degree and write my thesis about hitchhiking. Especially the second time around, I focused my efforts to do more wholesome activities amid the fraternity noise and anxious binge-drinking students with quarter-life crises. Here are my suggestions for both residents and people on a short visit: Contents1 How to Get Around Maastricht?2 Maastricht in Spring2.1 Photographing the Blossoms2.2 Cycling to Belgium to DrinkContinue reading

I’m Taking a Gap Year from Travel to Finish University

Wow. What a pretentious title. I haven’t updated my blog in a long time because I’ve returned to university. I always knew I had to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in A Whole Lotta Crap one day, and that day has come. Back in December, I flew out of Bogotá to Madrid. Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, and French Guiana never happened for me. After a few days in Madrid, adjusting back to Europe after more than two years in South America, took yet another plane to go to Frankfurt . I attended Christmas dinners in Germany and the Netherlands, celebrated New Year’sContinue reading

One Week in Tunis, Tunisia — My First Vacation in 4 Years

Our trip to Tunis, Tunisia happened between Sunday the 11th and Sunday the 18th of February, 2018. Sadly, I was taking a gap year from travel to finish university but still managed to do a few trips here and there. Those trips were proper vacations.  Contents1 One Week at University2 Day 1: Arriving in Tunis3 Walking Around the Medinah of Tunis4 Eating Ojja for the First Time5 Day 2: Exploring Tunis6 A Walk through the Center of Tunis One Week at University After my two-year trip through South America, I returned to Maastricht University in the Netherlands in January 2018.Continue reading

Walking to Belgium from Maastricht for Cheap Beer

Remember Jonas whom I met in Tarifa? We met up again after Tarifa in Lisbon, Berlin, and now in Maastricht—that’s my old university town. Together, we walked from my friend’s place in Maastricht across the border into Belgium just to drink a beer at a place called Belvedere. It’s just a bit uphill and then across a bridge. Drinking a beer in a pub is actually cheaper there! And also a lot tastier than in the Netherlands As we were in Germany together before, we talked a lot about the German Reinheitsgebot. Say what you will, but limiting the number ofContinue reading