Paranal Observatory, Chile: Tour Group Crashing

“Paranal Observatory, Chile: Tour Group Crashing” has a Russian 🇷🇺 translation: «Паранальская Обсерватория, Чили: Незваные Туристы» Today cannot be described as anything else than plain epic. Together with Jonas, I hitchhiked from Antofagasta to the Paranal Observatory. Our drivers were kind enough to drive us up the mountain out of their way. They drove back downhill and we anticipated hitchhiking another car down within the hour. I definitely didn’t expect to come closer to the Very Large Telescope than the security guys at the gate. But it is a Saturday today and the tour group was just about to leave.Continue reading

That Mandatory Mostar Photo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

When in Mostar, it’s almost obligatory to take a photo with the ‘stari most‘ (old bridge). The Ottomans left a lot of their architecture around the Balkans, which now pays as one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most-loved tourist attractions. I’m wondering if the name of the town Mostar is also just ‘stari most’ but switched around and abbreviated? I feel that the coincidence is too big… This is probably something one could Google. Supposedly, people jump off this bridge into the river below for sport. However, I didn’t witness this and wouldn’t assume this dive is a year-round thing. I’m assumingContinue reading