Kitesurfing South America: 3 Obscure Spots

Ever considered going kitesurfing in South America? If not, it’s time to reconsider! Many South American countries are full of river dams. Where there’s a dam, there’s an artificial lake. Where there’s an artificial lake, there’s oftentimes real strong winds. Many of these kitesurfing lakes are rather obscure for the kite community, yet are famous locally for their reliable, strong winds and tiny waves. Watch out, some of these locations aren’t for beginners. All of them do have schools that offer classes but ask yourself if you want to tackle these beasts when just starting out. Perhaps you’ll be sittingContinue reading

La Serena: Reading in the Japanese Garden (Chile)

En route to Santiago de Chile, there are many cities worth a visit, but somehow there seems to be only domestic tourism. One of them is the city of La Serena, which has a sweet Japanese garden. It’s good for book reading and a mandatory relaxation session with ducks, koi fish, and some scary looking swans. It was so peaceful until someone with a few too many kids showed up with eyes set on destroying plants and harassing the animals. Then the peace was gone. There should be more childfree places in this world. Now I’ll need to continue readingContinue reading