Belarus Is The Dream: 29 Pleasant Summer Days

Why Would You Go to Such a Dangerous Country? (And By the Way, Where is Belarus?) I was in Belarus from July 20 till August 17, 2018 I feel like a broken record, but I’ll repeat it again: if I ever listened to people and their “Oh, but that country is dangerous!” nonsense I’d be missing out on so many amazing experiences. This story is the experience of Belarus: a landlocked country in Eastern Europe bordering Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine. Most people know it only as ‘Europe’s last dictatorship’ and the last European country that executes the deathContinue reading

Hitchhiking Serra da Estrela Mountain in Portugal

Delayed Gratification In summer 2018, I wanted to hitchhike to the highest point of mainland Portugal. It’s a mountain named ‘Serra da Estrela’, which can be translated as ‘Star Mountain Range’. A peak called ‘Torre’ is the highest point at 1993m above sea level, which isn’t too shabby – but also won’t cause trouble breathing. My partner Jonas and I were staying in Porto, which is only 200 kilometers from the mountain peak. Back in October 2015, I was also in Portugal, but more south in Lisbon and Cabo da Roca. Back then I did some research into what theContinue reading