Tejeda, Gran Canaria: Freecamping the Canary Islands

Today was my first day hitchhiking around the island of Gran Canaria without much direction or planning. I ended up in a village called Tejeda. From that area, there’s this view of the Roque Bentayga, a kick-ass rock formation. I snapped it around sunset. Apparently, there are many such roques around here. They held a special meaning for the indigenous people of the Canaries. I asked my driver to not drop me off in town because I wanted to camp. My driver pointed me toward a field to freecamp in. It’s a little rural and difficult to pitch my tent afterContinue reading

Canary Islands, beware of the Hitchhiker

Just five days until I hit up Las Palmas in the Canary Islands! I can’t wait to wear summer clothes again and walk in flip flops or barefoot. Wow, I’ll miss the beautiful autumn colors here in my hometown though! Such wow… I hitchhiked to my hometown again today to see more family and friends. Jonas and I have taken the train from Maastricht to my small train station Hollansche Rading. There’s no bus, so we hitchhiked from the roundabout to my mom’s house. This was Jonas’ first time hitchhiking. I think he liked it 😍 I’ll also need to startContinue reading