Khinkali! The Best Food in Georgia?

Khinkali is one example of the myriad of awesome food you can find in Georgia. Shrooms, cheese, potatoes, meat, and more are all represented in this dumpling. I ate these somewhere back in Tbilisi after hitchhiking around the eastern part of Georgia (Mtskheta-Mianeti and Kakheti—specifically in Tusheti) for a short while. I know my food photography leaves much to be desired, but my main reason besides the khinkali was to use their WiFi (next time, I’ll simply get a Georgian SIM card to not be so dependent on restaurant WiFi). Food photography aside, just believe me when I say khinkali are scrumptious as hell!

I’m quite overjoyed to be back in Georgia and finally hitchhiking around the country. I visited Tbilisi for the first time on new years eve 2012/2013. Just for a three-day visit to my bestie’s family in Tbilisi. I’d been aching to return since then. It’s something I’ve seen in more travelers that have come to Georgia; they all want to come back, enjoy good company and wine, and stuff their faces with khinkali and khachapuri.

Fun fact: I don’t think I ate khinkali during that first visit. But I ate a lot of other Georgian foods, of which the sauces were the most memorable thing. I’m a huge sauce fan. The food I hate the most is fish, which is not super omnipresent in Georgia either. And did I mention it’s a cheese country? Any country that does cheese makes my head turn.



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