Au Revoir Family and Drôme Region (France)

I just said au revoir to my mom, stepdad, and dog as you can see in the picture. It’s always quite difficult, even though I’ve said goodbye many times before; I can’t stop living my life too afraid to leave just in case something happens. My dog is quite an old lady already. I’m sad to leave my family and the Drôme region in France, but it’s time to move to the Ardèche region. That’s where the HitchGathering will begin today! It’s my first time at this event, but so far I’ve gathered that the HitchGathering is: An annual eventContinue reading

Die, Drôme: Celebrating My 24th Birthday in France!

24! I’m currently celebrating my birthday with my mom, step-father, and dog in France at a campsite. I’m kind of couchsurfing their campsite, or squatting it? Heck, I don’t know what to call it. We’re in Die in the Drôme department of France. It’s full of beautiful mountains and rivers. I think this is the 8th time or so I’ve celebrated my birthday in France; we used to go here almost every year when my sister and I were younger. So it’s like the good old days with a Francophone gâteau d’anniversaire! In recent years, I’ve spent my birthday abroadContinue reading