Tejeda, Gran Canaria: Freecamping the Canary Islands

Today was my first day hitchhiking around the island of Gran Canaria without much direction or planning. I ended up in a village called Tejeda. From that area, there’s this view of the Roque Bentayga, a kick-ass rock formation. I snapped it around sunset. Apparently, there are many such roques around here. They held a special meaning for the indigenous people of the Canaries. I asked my driver to not drop me off in town because I wanted to camp. My driver pointed me toward a field to freecamp in. It’s a little rural and difficult to pitch my tent afterContinue reading

I’m Going to Brazil! By Repositioning Cruise

Visiting family and going to the beach with friends is a rare opportunity nowadays. Sharing a bottle of wine together and watching the amazing sunsets is not so rare. But why am I downing an entire bottle of cheap wine on the beach in The Hague with Jonas? Okay, I can’t hold it any longer… So I’m just gonna tell you that in a week I’m going to the Canary Islands and then I’m boarding a boat to BRAZIL! 😀 This is terribly exciting stuff. Jonas invited me to come aboard this repositioning cruise ship that will leave Las PalmasContinue reading