How to get a 90-day visa for Cabo Verde: Part I

Disclaimer: This article on securing a 90-day visa Cabo Verde applies mostly to EU+ citizens. This new visa policy only applies to holders of EU, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, and UK passports. Passport holders of other nationalities can still apply to a Cabo Verdean visa at embassies and consulates the regular way. If you don’t want to read the backstory, read Part II and click The TL;DR or What to bring for a visa extension. The Escape After spending two winters in Maastricht, the Netherlands, I’m finally freed from that place. I did some courses, wrote a thesis, then fled to Lisbon, Portugal.Continue reading

Things to do in or from Campo de Ourique, Lisbon

From the 3rd till the 15th of January 2019, we stayed in the neighborhood named Campo de Ourique in Lisbon, Portugal. After Lisbon in winter, we traveled to Cabo Verde for 88 days to catch some of their abundant sunshine. Jonas worked from our cold but comfortable Airbnb and I finished my university thesis. These are some of the fun activities we did inside and from our cool neighborhood. To scroll down to the map, click here. To read some tips about staying in Campo de Ourique/Lisbon in winter, click here Contents1 Mercado de Campo de Ourique2 Planespotting from Amoreiras3Continue reading

Go West, Young Woman: Cabo da Roca

A cloudy and windy day at the Westernmost point of Europe, Cabo da Roca, Portugal. It has only been a month since I visited Tarifa, the Southernmost point of Europe. Before that, I visited the Northernmost point of Europe in Norway back in 2012. But Cabo da Roca is my favorite “extreme point of Europe”. Mostly because my trip on the back of someone’s scooter rewarded me with such threatening clouds. Dramatic skies are my favorite! Oh, and getting blown away by the wind makes me feel really alive (in a good way). Besides a marker that indeed says “this is theContinue reading