“Not all those who wander were told to “Get Lost” ~ Iris the Hitchhiker I’m really on a creative roll for the whole “#inspirationalquotes” kind of thing after finding peace, love and tranquillity in the south of #Spain 🙂 first of all you should know that I find a lot of “inspirational quotes” very uninspiring, Read more >

So. OH MY GOD. You are my new hero!!!! I am totally excited for you and I can’t wait till I get a minute to read your whole blog. I have actually never tried hitchhiking before but I want to (I normally travel by motorcycle), and I absolutely love how little you plan and such, as I am the same way, I feel like planning too much is pointless when you want adventure. Keep rocking it girl! Ps I will follow you on all social media.

Thank you so much for your message both here and on Facebook! 😀 I always say I have ideas on my trip, not plans.. and then someone still asks “OK, so, what’s your plan?” 😉 I love love love motorbikes by the way

Hey! I’m going to Europe next July (I’m Australian), starting off in Istanbul then wanting to make my way across to the UK. I’ve been over there before and pretty much just stuck to trains and whatnot but I’m thinking maybe this time hitchhiking is the way to go (not the whole way, I’m not that ambitious and have limited time). When you first started out did you do it with a mate or did you just go for it? Got any tips for a first timer? Thanks :)

Hey! Sounds like a great trip you’re planning! My first introduction to hitchhiking was with a roommate when I was living in Denmark. He had experience and I didn’t and it’s a great country to get started. After that one day I started doing it alone, which was just a little step up really. Go Read more >

Iris, thank you so much for the very thoughtful and insightful response to hitchhiking in Central America, particularly Mexico. Very quickly, did you have any other major concerns hitching in CA (Nicaragua, ?) I followed your @Hitchhiker_Mind handle on twitter because I only signed up for Tumblr to message you. But thanks again, I really look forward to staying up on your travels in the future! Dave

Hey again Dave! Nice to keep up 🙂 Nicaragua was one of the safest and easiest countries to hitch through after Guatemala honestly. As I remember I hitched with a Nicaraguan guy working for the EU representation of Nicaragua from the border with Honduras, a Taiwanese immigrant who had some restaurants in Managua and an Read more >

Joooo! Je bent Nederlands neem ik aan? Sowieso respect voor je levensstijl, alleen liften doen weinigen, tof om te zien. Ik vraag me af: hoe is alleen slapen? Blijft het altijd in zekere mate eng, of wen je eraan? Ben van plan om binnenkort ook alleen te liften en te wildkamperen en ben benieuwd wat ik kan verwachten!

Inderdaad, Nederland represent! 😉 dankjewel voor je bericht! Alleen slapen hangt volledig af van de situatie. De beste nachtrust krijg ik als ik in mijn tentje of slaapzak lig ergens buiten het zicht van alle mensen en niemand weet dat ik daar zit. Als ik in een urbane zone zit, zorg ik ervoor dat ik Read more >