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Miscellaneous (adjective)


consisting of a mixture of various things that are not usually connected with each other

On this page, you’ll find all sorts of things. Anything I’ve written that doesn’t belong elsewhere belongs here.

Some posts don’t belong in a very specific category, such as ‘Danube’ or ‘Africa.’ Of course, some posts can belong to multiple categories, and ‘miscellaneous’ can be one of them. Some posts are deeply personal, some of them are goofy. And I guess I tried to make some of them useful and generic. The pattern is that there is no pattern. Categorizing stuff is hard for people like me: an agent of chaos.

Who knows, I might one day find that I have no use for the category of miscellaneous anymore. Perhaps I’ll change it. But I think you deserve a badge for finding this page at all. Kudos!

Pandemic in Penang: A Play-by-Play from Two Digital Nomads in Malaysia

Before you judge our decision to stay in Malaysia and not ‘repatriate’ ourselves, scroll to the bottom to read our motivations for riding out the pandemic in Penang/George Town. If coronavirus statistics trigger your anxiety, this journal might not be for you. Also, I wrote this, so not everything here reflects Jonas’ views. My sources for Malaysia come from the trilingual news website Malaysia Kini, which has an excellent COVID-19 tracker which adds new functionality almost twice a week, and our elevator. My world stats come from the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Dashboard, which unfortunately keeps butchering country names. TheContinue reading

6 Stories from Hosts + Guests in Lockdown: Hospitality in the Time of Corona

Our world has shrunk a great deal since the globe went on lockdown for the coronavirus. Blindsided by the sudden changes, travelers had to make some tough decisions mid-adventure. Amidst the chaos, I knew there would be some people out there who remained kind and trusting of virtual strangers. People who would keep their doors open when they were told to keep it shut. I’d been thinking about the people showing or experiencing hospitality under such extraordinary circumstances. So I asked around looking for stories from both hosts and guests to share their experiences. Many people responded with their stories,Continue reading

Happy New Year 2020! This is a Kilometer Sign…

Happy 2020 from Jonas and me! We hope you had a wholesome new year’s eve. I hope you’ll have a good start of the new decade with lots of adventures (small and big), fair winds, good hitchhiking road karma, or a strong but not scary current to paddle in. Jonas and I are currently in Chiang Mai (Thailand), but we took this photo at the Austrian Danube. At the town of Spitz an der Donau there’s a ferry to cross the Danube to the right-hand side where the signs 2019, 2020, and 2021 are very close to each other. It’sContinue reading

The Hitchhiking Videogame – Version 2.0

Remember three years ago? When I made a hitchhiking videogame with Jonas in South America? Well, we got a new version out with slightly better graphics and more adventures! Take me to the Hitchhiking Videogame! Version 2.0 Since the first version, Jonas took a Udemy course on game development with Unity. After he finished, we started to rebuild the basic JavaScript game in the Unity engine with C#. In other words: we used a different programming language to recreate the game. I brushed up on my Microsoft Paint skills and redid a lot of the graphics. I also asked inContinue reading

Cabo Verde Packing List – Prepare Well!

I’ve spent 88 days in Cabo Verde and visited 7 out of 9 islands. This makes me somewhat an expert on what stuff to pack before you go. On the distribution curve of travelers going to Cabo Verde, I’m a light packer. Here are the items that sparked the most joy on my hand luggage-only trip to the archipelago! Make sure to check things off on this packing list (automatically saved in your browser). Must Bring: These items I cannot stress enough. You need to bring them! Either because they’re unavailable in Cabo Verde, or because they’re very, very expensive.Continue reading

Travel Movies I Can Watch Again and Again

Road movies, documentaries, biopics… the easiest way for me to get into the right mood to travel is by watching some films (with popcorn) and then get packing. Yes, travel movies often make everything look a little more pretty and a little less stinky than it was when it happened, but so does Instagram, or this blog to be honest. Nothing Personal directed by Urszula Antoniak A friend recommended me this movie because the main character somehow reminded him of me – and that’s not really a compliment. Anne is living in Amsterdam until she abandons all her belongings to hitchhike toContinue reading

A Happy Ending – Kitten Rescue in Portugal, Part V

Part V: The Aftermath This story is number 5 in a series of 5. To read it chronologically, start at Part I. Click here to go to Part II, Part III, and Part IV. I promise you this is the last of it. Updates from Porto The next day, Jonas receives updates from Marie via WhatsApp. She sends us pictures and videos of Chorizo, and updates us about its health. The updates are regular and very sweet and loving.     We’re waiting at the airport for our flight, and when we arrive in Warsaw, we know Chorizo is at theContinue reading

Tragedy Strikes – Kitten Rescue in Portugal, Part IV

Part IV: Downfall & Death This series of posts is mostly a way for me to process the trauma of going through this tragedy. If you’re expecting happy travel content, this ain’t it. This story is number 4 in a series of 5. To read it chronologically, start at Part I, Part II, or Part III. Here you can find the subsequent stories about rescuing a kitten in Porto, Portugal: Part V. Back to Normal (July 16, Continued) We say goodbye to Jan, who is leaving for Germany or something like that. It’s still morning, and Jonas and I are about to haveContinue reading

Entering the Void – Kitten Rescue in Portugal, Part III

Part III: Rescuing a Kitten  This series of posts is mostly a way for me to process the trauma of going through this. If you’re expecting happy travel content, this ain’t it. This story is number 3 in a series of 5. Here you can find Part I and Part II. Here you can find the subsequent stories about rescuing a kitten from the void in Porto, Portugal: Part IV and Part V. Spotting the Culprit (Sunday 15th of July, contd.) We return home from the animal shelter Midas, fully knowing this time that it is our responsibility to save that kitten. AndContinue reading