Awkward Abroad #1: Trucker tries to buy me Lingerie

Welcome to Awkward Abroad! We shall take a look at all the possible awkward shit that can happen to you when hitchhiking! Today there’s a story about this time a Turkish truck driver tried to buy me lingerie, out of the goodness in his heart. I guess.It was the holy month of Ramadan* 2014, and this friendly guy picked me up in Bulgaria as I was hitchhiking to Georgia (the country, not the state) in record time. Somewhere at a rest-stop/service station aimed at Turkish truckdrivers** somewhere in Bulgaria, we made a stop. There we and some other Turkish colleagues of his went for dinner and some freshening up. After my shower I got back into the shop/restaurant where he guided me through all the products in the shop. I wasn’t really interested in anything (neither do I have money), so I just walked on, but at the pile of lingerie in the shop he stopped and offered to buy… Read more >