The Sierra Nevada from the Road

Dramatic skies, flawless tarmac and mountains everywhere: the Sierra Nevada in Spain! Just some shit-stains on the window, still it’s a pretty good photo taken through the windshield! This day I finished my speed hitchhiking trip towards Malaga in the south of Spain. It was a pretty rough trip of continuous hitchhiking for four days, because Spain Read more >


“Not all those who wander were told to “Get Lost” ~ Iris the Hitchhiker I’m really on a creative roll for the whole “#inspirationalquotes” kind of thing after finding peace, love and tranquillity in the south of #Spain 🙂 first of all you should know that I find a lot of “inspirational quotes” very uninspiring, Read more >


Remember this guy from #Tirana? We just got reunited in #France and I have a comfortable bed for one more night before I have to go #speedhitchhiking to the south of #Spain.. we made a little calculation yesterday and it’s more than 1500km I have to do if I want to avoid #Barcelona and #Madrid Read more >