HitchGathering 2015 in Saint-Laurent-du-Pape, France

Five days and four nights without internet at the HitchGathering was a great opportunity to get to know this community of hitchhikers. They come together once a year to be among like-minded people at this ‘hitchhiker’s conference’. Some of them went to great lengths to meet up at this place in France and hitchhiked from farther away than I did. A good bunch of hitchhikers also needed to obtain a Schengen visa before coming here. It’s not easy being an ambitious international hitchhiker without a strong passport. I met up with awesome people who have contacted me through my FacebookContinue reading

Power Outages, Thunder, and Independence Day (Kruče, MNE)

Yes, that’s a torch on my head. I’m freaking night blind! The last few days were marked with the ultimate chill, beer, new friends, and Lu Lu the dog. Also this small thing: massive primetime thunder and lightning that was our TV for two days and the subsequent power outages (hence no internet and no posts!). Though a bit annoying, this is the perfect weather for reading a book or fixing my backpack by candlelight—or torchlight. We’ve also cooked our meals – pancakes, lots and lots of pancakes – on a Real Fire™. Tomorrow is the day I’ll go to the localContinue reading

Montenegrin Sunsets (Kruče)

Dear friends, followers, and fans! I’m currently residing in the small town of Kruče, Montenegro for a couple of days. My friend and fellow hitchhiking nomad Aleksandra and her dog Lu Lu (see photo) host me in this small ghost-ish town. We sometimes practice playing the guitar together. She has an amazing place and leads a simple lifestyle a stone’s throw away from the beach. It’s incredibly peaceful here. I feel inspired as hell with these Montenegrin sunsets dropping into the Adriatic Sea a little differently each day. Aleksandra hitchhikes together with her dog (mad props!) and we have a lotContinue reading