Pisagua, Chile: Squatter’s Paradise

Northern Chile has provided me with a lot of fun things to do so far. One of the most rewarding detours off the main road south has been visiting the hamlet of Pisagua and its abundant former glory. This used to be one of Chile’s biggest ports back in the day, which one can’t imagine anymore. A lot of buildings are wooden, including the semi-abandoned theatre. The theatre now hosts a tiny library and internet café in one of the small rooms. Only a few shops provided my provisions of food and water. After walking around, I’ve spotted four restaurantsContinue reading

Freecamping a Hotel Garden in Gjirokastër, Albania

Good morning from Gjirokastër! Me and Dongbum went freecamping next to two hotels with permission from both owners. That’s very kind of them! And honestly, it’s one of the better places to pitch a tent; the grass is well-kept and it’s nice and quiet most of the time. The hospitality and flexibility of Albanians to make us feel welcome has been astounding. I had a pretty comfy night in my tent. The air is nice and dry and it doesn’t get very cold at night. Though I still don’t experience ‘peak’ camping comfort as I don’t have a camping mattress,Continue reading