So. OH MY GOD. You are my new hero!!!! I am totally excited for you and I can’t wait till I get a minute to read your whole blog. I have actually never tried hitchhiking before but I want to (I normally travel by motorcycle), and I absolutely love how little you plan and such, as I am the same way, I feel like planning too much is pointless when you want adventure. Keep rocking it girl! Ps I will follow you on all social media.

Thank you so much for your message both here and on Facebook! :D I always say I have ideas on my trip, not plans.. and then someone still asks “OK, so, what’s your plan?” ;) I love love love motorbikes by the way Read more >

Hey! I’m going to Europe next July (I’m Australian), starting off in Istanbul then wanting to make my way across to the UK. I’ve been over there before and pretty much just stuck to trains and whatnot but I’m thinking maybe this time hitchhiking is the way to go (not the whole way, I’m not that ambitious and have limited time). When you first started out did you do it with a mate or did you just go for it? Got any tips for a first timer? Thanks :)

Hey! Sounds like a great trip you’re planning! My first introduction to hitchhiking was with a roommate when I was living in Denmark. He had experience and I didn’t and it’s a great country to get started. After that one day I started doing it alone, which was just a little step up really. Go for a day’s hitch with a friend in Australia before you go to get familiar with the concept and what works and what doesn’t. The only thing you need to do is put up your thumb and smile - it’s that simple! See if you like it over there on the other side of the world before you try it on a different continent/culture and don’t push yourself if you’re not comfortable. I don’t know how much time you’ll spend in Europe and what you want to see, but Istanbul - London can be done really fast as well! Take a good offline map (I… Read more >

Budgeting: Why I can’t be arsed

Long-term travelers get the same questions all the time about this dreadful topic called “budgeting your trip”. I am the last person to have solid advice for you. I cringe upon hearing the B-word and the following non questions: “How do you fund your travels?” “What’s your daily budget?” “(How much) Do you save for your travels?” My answer to all of them is either “I don’t know” or “who cares?” This is absolutely the most boring topic of travel, and that’s why I’m usually reluctant to share my views. So here goes nothing: First of all, I’m a hitchhiker and hitchhikers don’t plan much to begin with, mostly because it’s totally pointless to do so. I aim for things, but I don’t expect them to happen. Also, I am not entitled to rides, so I might as well prepare for the worst. I can’t give advice to people who don’t hitchhike because I don’t know (and don’t care) how… Read more >

Awkward Abroad #1: Trucker tries to buy me Lingerie

Welcome to Awkward Abroad! We shall take a look at all the possible awkward shit that can happen to you when hitchhiking! Today there’s a story about this time a Turkish truck driver tried to buy me lingerie, out of the goodness in his heart. I guess.It was the holy month of Ramadan* 2014, and this friendly guy picked me up in Bulgaria as I was hitchhiking to Georgia (the country, not the state) in record time. Somewhere at a rest-stop/service station aimed at Turkish truckdrivers** somewhere in Bulgaria, we made a stop. There we and some other Turkish colleagues of his went for dinner and some freshening up. After my shower I got back into the shop/restaurant where he guided me through all the products in the shop. I wasn’t really interested in anything (neither do I have money), so I just walked on, but at the pile of lingerie in the shop he stopped and offered to buy… Read more >

Schönbrunn, Vienna

Checking in on Foursquare at Schönbrunn, Vienna. A long, long time ago, I was a full-time student. In the summer of 2013, I joined two friends on a 10-day road trip through Europe. Our route was from Maastricht, through Luxembourg to Strasbourg in France. Then to Zürich in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, München (Munich) in Bavaria, Salzburg Read more >

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Best Travel Apps

I was planning to write about this for a long time, and I’m finally stuck somewhere with WiFi to actually do it, so here we go. Starting with the obvious observation: The last decade has seen some incredible progress regarding technology and so it has affected the way in which we travel. It doesn’t matter whether we go to an all-inclusive resort in Turkey or go backpacking in a crap hostel with bedbugs, We, the (privileged) people who travel have started to expect WiFi and other services everywhere. We bring our own laptop (heavy), tablet (perfect) or smartphone (will barely do the trick) in our leather suitcase or our dirty $22 backpack that’s ripping at the seams. I admit to being really bad at going without WiFi. Depending on the destination, I am usually online at least once every 24-hours - also because I travel alone and have to talk to my “failsafe” every single day. I’d really like to… Read more >