Accommodation in Estonia: Booking Homes in Tartu, Tallinn, and Kärdla

What to expect of accommodation in Estonia as a digital nomad? We stayed in Estonia from the 9th of October till the 25th of October, 2023. These are the places we booked to both work online from and have fun day trips. Contents1 Cruiseferry from Mariehamn to Tallinn2 Tartu⭐3 Tallinn (Metropol Hotel)4 Tallinn (Catsit)5 Kärdla, Hiiumaa Island⭐6 Unlock the Prices of Accommodation in Estonia7 Wish to share this article? That’s totally fine with me Cruiseferry from Mariehamn to Tallinn Since this bit already appeared in the accommodation in the Åland Islands article, I tucked this one away. But yes, weContinue reading

Housesitting Checklists: Before, During, and After Catsitting

So you’ve decided to become a catsitter? In this post, I’ve gathered all the housesitting checklists for questions to the pet parents and things to do before, during, and after the catsit. In this way, you’re making sure it will be a streamlined process from start to finish. These housesitting checklists are tickable and it will save your choices in the browser when you come back to this post. But first, let’s make sure you score that first catsit via Trusted Housesitters. Contents1 Questions to Ask on an Application Call2 Start a Group Chat3 Your Host’s Welcome Guide4 Getting to YourContinue reading

Accommodation in the Åland Islands: from Eckerö and Kökar to Mariehamn

What to expect of accommodation in the Åland Islands as a digital nomad? These are the places we booked to both have adventures and get some work done. We were in Åland between the 24th of September and the 9th of October. Åland is part of Finland, so read about accommodation in Finland here. Contents1 Eckerö (Couchsurfing)2 Karlby, Kökar Island ⭐3 Mariehamn, Fasta Åland4 Cruiseferry Åland to Estonia5 Unlock the Prices of Accommodation in the Åland Islands6 Useful info about accommodation in the Åland Islands? Please share it! Eckerö (Couchsurfing) We spent our first two nights in Åland couchsurfing withContinue reading

Accommodation in Finland: Where We Stayed between Kilpisjärvi and Turku

What to expect of accommodation in Finland as a digital nomad? We stayed in Finland from the 3rd of September till the 9th of October, but from the 24th of September till the 9th of October we were in the Åland Islands part of Finland. Since Åland is quite a special place, accommodation in the Åland Islands is a separate post! Contents1 Kilpisjärvi, Lapland2 Muonio, Lapland ⭐3 Tornio, Lapland4 Oulu, North Ostrobothnia⭐5 Vaasa, Ostrobothnia6 Turku, Southwest Finland7 Unlock the Prices of Accommodation in Finland8 Feel like sharing? You have a special place in my heart Kilpisjärvi, Lapland After Tromsø inContinue reading

Hailuoto Day Trip from Oulu: Marjaniemi Lighthouse + Keskiniemi Beacon

We visited Hailuoto on Thursday the 14th of September, 2014. It’s a very beautiful and flat island in the northern Baltic Sea in Finland. Contents1 Bus 59S from Oulu to Marjaniemi Lighthouse on Hailuoto2 Marjaniemi Lighthouse +  Coffee3 Hiking Hailuoto’s Forests to Karvo4 Keskiniemi Beacon Tower and Light5 Harrassed by Bugs in the Forests of Hailuoto6 Hyypänmäki and the Struve Geodetic Arc7 Hitchhiking to the Ferry + Return from Hailuoto to Oulu8 Solving the Mystery: Meet the Deer Fly9 Map of Hailuoto Hike10 Was this post useful? Ponder buying me a beer!11 Good read? Consider sharing it with fellow FinnophilesContinue reading

Why We Started Catsitting + How to Start Housesitting to Travel

It all started with a cat named Monday. At least, that’s what we called her. And after finding a forever home for her, we wanted to have more cats in our lives without the drama and the tears. More happy stories of beloved felines that receive regular veterinary care. Fewer stories of kittens discarded on a hiking trail or born in a colony on a rooftop. Just taking care of cats for a few days or weeks or months and then handing back the responsibility to their pet parents who missed them dearly and are grateful for the help. ThatContinue reading

Four Days in the Aosta Valley (Italy)

Between two catsits in Geneva, Switzerland, and The Hague, the Netherlands, we took the bus from Geneva to Aosta in Italy. Aosta is the capital of the autonomous Aosta Valley region, which is bilingual (Italian and French). From the 30th of May till the 3rd of June, we spent four incredible days in the Aosta Valley. We used the city of Aosta as a base for day trips to the surrounding villages. Contents1 Plotting Our Trip + Bus Ride from Geneva to Aosta2 But First, Pizza + Gnocchi3 Taking the Bus to Cogne + Hiking to Lillaz Waterfalls4 Cogne toContinue reading

Two Days in Sion, Valais (Switzerland)

Between two catsits in Geneva from the 22nd till 24th of May, 2023, we took the train to Sion in the Canton of Valais (German: Wallis) of Switzerland. We spent two wonderful days in the town and the surrounding villages before hitchhiking back to Genthod, Geneva. Contents1 Planning our Visit to Sion2 Train from Geneva to Sion + Checking into the Airbnb3 Valère Basilica + Tourbillon Castle4 The Underground Lake Of Saint-Léonard5 Les Pyramides d’Euseigne Rock Formations6 Hitchhiking with a Swiss in Switzerland (Finally!)7 Thanks for being here, consider buying me a (small) bottle of Valais wine!8 Enjoyed the picturesContinue reading

One Day in Bern: Bundeshaus, Bridges, and Bears

After hitchhiking from Freiburg im Breisgau to Bern, we had half a day plus one night’s stay in the Swiss capital. The next day, we departed Bern toward Geneva by train for a catsit. Contents1 Bern Ticket: Free Public Transit in Bern by Staying One Night2 Bundeshaus and Bike Infrastructure3 Wandering Around Bern Altstadt4 Pride Flags, Crossing the Aare, Bearspotting5 Following the Aare, Taking the Tram6 Gurtenbahn Funicular for Vistas of Bern7 Next time in Bern8 Map of Exploring Bern on Foot9 Helpful post? Ponder buying me an apple juice10 Wish to share this article? That’s simply wonderful Bern Ticket:Continue reading