Monaco Adventure Travel

Besides meeting the newbie hitchhikers from Czechia yesterday here in Monaco, I also met these two cyclists from Poland who are doing a big European tour. I met them in the daytime when I felt more optimistic about adventure travel in Monaco and hadn’t downed a beer yet. But I haven’t seen any backpackers or that category of travelers since… Greece..! That was more than one month ago and suddenly I meet two duos in one day! That gives me some hope. These guys also have a Facebook page (that I still need to find) but unless you speak Slavic,Continue reading

Moody Monaco Mornings (Sleeping Rough, Not Freecamping)

Today’s a moody morning in Monaco. Either that’s the truth, or it’s my bias because I’m moody as heck. As you might have followed from the previous Monaco posts, I didn’t find anywhere to freecamp in crowded Monaco and most places didn’t even let me in because I had a backpack. But I managed to sleep rough at a business at the waterfront. Not truly relaxed, but I had a nice view of the yachts. It reminded me of my boat hitchhiking adventure to Malta earlier this summer. Though I have other plans, I wouldn’t mind crewing another yacht onContinue reading

Czech Out Monaco

I just arrived in Monaco and met these crazy Czech guys with a SpongeBob-themed ukelele. They’re newbie hitchhikers and we’re about to make things go down for real. Probably at the Monte Carlo casino – a.k.a. the James Bond casino – if we can get in. They were already drunk before I met them and I was in a similar mood. So I knew they’re also working hard to make Monaco a backpacker place despite its unwillingness to cater to the EU’s poor and poetic ones. Prepare for nasty updates. But ooh la la, I haven’t thought about Czechia in a long time.Continue reading

Freecamping Amalfi Coast Before Traveling to Savona (Italy)

Those were a good 860 kilometers hitchhiking from my freecamping spot at the Amalfi Coast to Savona. Here you can see where I freecamped along the Amalfi Coast. The road here is so beautiful. If I had the necessary money and the courage to drive a motorbike or scooter on the Amalfi Coast, that would probably be the best way to enjoy it. You can see the bendy tree, and if you turn around you’ll see the hill with the transmission tower.  A Fast Hitchhiking Day to Savona Savona is all the way in the north. That’s where I’mContinue reading

Siracusa: Eat Pray Love Streets in Sicily

After hitchhiking yesterday from Pozzallo to Siracusa, I was feeling a little #EatPrayLove—though I REALLY dislike that movie. Siracusa has some cute small streets that reminded me of it. And somehow these streets activate the girly travel girl Instagram pose instincts in even the ones most aware of performative femininity. Makes me want to buy a dress or something? (And then I look at the photo and think ehm, you tried!) Anyway, I ate some Sicilian stuff that came highly recommended. But the only name that stuck was “arancini”, which is a sort of fried rice ball with for exampleContinue reading

Hitchhiking Bucket List: #3 Millau Viaduct, France

On my humble ‘hitchhiking bucket list’ I have a special category for Amazing Masterpieces of Human Engineering. Ever since seeing this Discovery program about the construction of the Millau Viaduct (French: Viaduc de Millau) I wanted to go there. Now it’s one of my prime hitching goals in Europe. I’m probably going to do it on my way to Monaco whenever I will eventually feel like going to Monaco. Anyway, pillar P2, according to Wikipedia – which is a legitimate source – is taller than the Eiffel Tower. But it only costs €7 in tolls to drive on this magnificent structure.Continue reading