Hitchhiking Gibraltar

I’m back in the UK! Last night I found a last minute couchsurfing host in the border town of LaLinea and he was so kind to drop me at the border today, so I can go hitchhiking Gibraltar and explore the monkey rock. The guy who took this photo is a born and raised Gibraltarian who is organizing the concerts for the national week here and many people are dressed in the national colors. The border crossing wasn’t as tough as people said it was as the Guardia Civil can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. I just walked through and the customs dude just said “welkom” in Dutch as he saw from the color of my passport I was Dutch – which is a little creepy to be honest.

Now it’s time to hike up that Rock, see the monkeys and try to hitchhike in this small territory. Tomorrow I might go to the southernmost point of Europe in Tarifa, exciting!

Edited to Add: this was the last post published on my three year old Samsung tablet (R.I.P.) that was annoyingly slow, but made me able to start this blog to begin with. Nearly all posts previous to this one were written on this tiny tablet. On the way down the Rock, over the Mediterranean Steps, I had to look at the map and saw the screen was suddenly cracked. By the time I hitchhiked out of the territory a few hours later to hitchhike back to my Ukrainian host in La Linea, the battery was low and I needed to charge. The charger didn’t work though and I couldn’t access my map to find my host’s house again and then just before nightfall I hitchhiked blindly with the help of a woman towards the area where I believed he lived. The tablet spontaneously charged a little bit in the car and that was enough to open my map app and see where I had to go to sleep. That was the last time this tablet did its job. The next day I hitchhiked blindly (i.e. without a map) towards Tarifa with the help of my couchsurfing host and there I stayed with the Digital Nomads of Tarifa who felt my sorrow for dying tech and helped me turn my blog from a Tumblr into the WordPress it is today. Karma restored!


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