Yacht-Hitch Finale

Two and a half days on a boat gives you plenty of time to contemplate your next moves and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing on the boat. The first day on a boat is always a little awkward since you don’t have the sea legs yet, but you can get used to it. We had a prediction of zero wind, but in the end we sailed most of the journey. With no WiFi I couldn’t update you and having only five cigarettes I had to stretch them out, but these “losses” don’t compare to what I’ve learnt and experienced on the boat. Nothing is around you besides sea and sky. Orientation is done by the sun and obviously satellite navigation – it is 2015. Sunset and sunrise are the highlights of the day, a moment where we would gather on deck to be witnesses. I always thought that the Mediterranean Sea was small, but damn, it’s an endless place to get lost in. Seeing land is both exciting and a sad moment, because that’s where the journey ends with me and the amazingly generous people who took me on board. No hashtags needed for this post. (at Mediterranean Sea)

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