Peru’s Piece of Titicaca

I’ve left Bolivia for Peru now, but here’s a photo from Bolivia’s chunk of the Titicaca Lake anyway. The internet hasn’t been on my side since the start of the year unfortunately! The highest lake of the world is a cold place, so today I decided to hitchhike from Puno in Peru to Moquegua down the Andes to warm up my hands and feet again. A good 260km through pampa, random sand dunes covered in snow and finally the fruit valley of Moquegua where avocado is a real big thing. It’s not exactly the centre of the universe/Peru, but I’m happy to be here in only two rides! Tomorrow I’ll head to a place called Ilo at the beach to finalize crossing the South American continent from Atlantic to Pacific Coast by hitchhiking. So far I can say Peru is an awesome country for hitchhiking, especially compared to Bolivia’s random difficulties. I need a nap now, but I hope the internet only gets better and better as I’m headed to Chile so I can post more random hitchhiking related stories! Peace out.


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