Christmas Time in Bolivia

Here in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, they have the most fabulous Christmas trees I’ve ever seen! It seems like everyone is ready for the party to get started. I’ll probably spend my Christmas hitchhiking to Titicaca Lake, but before I do that I’ll make recommended stops in Samaipata (nature+history), La Paz (should be magical is what I’ve heard!) and whatever other cool things come my way. Santa Cruz de La Sierra, where this photo was taken, is one of the biggest cities of Bolivia. It’s the place where I finally drank a decent coffee in breatheable weather, as it can get pretty damn hot here. A lot of cars have Dakar Rally stickers from previous years and I’ve been having dreams about hitchhiking that rally (in whichever form allowed), so I think it’s time for a Google session to see when and where it starts and what the route is.. One can only dream!
Enough about hitchhiking for now, for those who celebrate it: merry Christmas before I forget. To those who don’t: enjoy your week! 😀


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