Mauritius is a country I first set foot in December 2021. Below, you’ll find the articles I’ve thus far written about Mauritius and Rodrigues. Since we obtained the 1-year premium visa, we started a bit of a digital nomad community in Mauritius. If you want to come to Mauritius in the capacity of a remote worker, join our Facebook group. Also, make sure to read our remote working guide to Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Le Morne vista on Île aux Bénitiers Mauritius

Map of Mauritius POIs

Use the menu on the left to make sub-menus appear or disappear. You can also find remote or uninhabited territories of Mauritius on this map.

Things I’d Like to Do in Mauritius

  • Hitchhike with locals, so predictable! ✅
  • Visit the capital Port Louis ✅: the history (Aapravasi Ghat), the food, the public transit (they have a very cool tram it appears)
  • Chase the remnants of the historic railway on Mauritius Island
  • Go hiking to some peaks or perhaps canyoning at some waterfalls. I’d love to visit the country high point Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire (828masl) and. Seeing (though probably not climbing) Pieter Both and Le Pouce (“the Thumb”—good mountain for hitchhikers) mountain is also something I’d like to do
  • Hopefully, visit the Mauritius Radio Telescope. It’s quite a big instrument, but I’m not sure if it’s open to the public to visit
  • Visit as many islets surrounding the big isles as I can. Here’s the list I’m using
  • See the loneliest palm in the world ✅ at the SSR Botanical Garden of Curepipe
  • Pick up some Mauritian Creole words or phrases. (Lessons thus far: most of it is pronounced just like french but written differently: bonzur (bonjour), mersi (merci), etc. Some words from India have a different spelling than we know from the Malaysian Indians: faratha instead of paratha, appalam instead of papadum. And when you want to say something is good or tasty you apparently say “C’est top!” which is something I haven’t ever heard in France. But most people will ask if we prefer English or French and then they also adapt their French to the ‘metropolitan’ style)
  • Rent a scooter with Jonas and explore the islands that way ✅. A quad can also be nice for a short while
  • Maybe relax and do some writing? Mauritius looks like a nice country to stay in for several months to sit and write, do day trips, and enjoy the weather
  • Do some sailing ✅ (we’ve taken some dinghy sailing classes). I can help crew yachts and stuff and (CrewBay profile and Find a Crew profile here) would love to enter/depart Mauritius and/or Rodrigues by sailing boat
  • Go snorkeling, perhaps kitesurfing, but definitely kayaking ✅. My preliminary search has shown that at the Albion caves is a good place for sea kayaking
  • Enjoy some local festivals, such as Thaipoosam Cavadee (2022 procession canceled 😔)

Things I’d Like to Do in Rodrigues

  • Take the ferry to/from Rodrigues Island
  • The highest point of Rodrigues is Mont Limon (392masl)✅ and it’s quite accessible
  • Also, check what Rodriguan Creole is about and how it differs from the Mauritian variant
  • Kayak to some of the small islands ✅
  • Perhaps this is a nice island for some horseriding? (ETA: not anymore. There used to be horses at the resorts in Pointe Coton, but now there are only donkeys on the island)

Once I find more ideas or inspiration for visiting Mauritius, I might add them here to this page.

If you know cool places and things to do in Mauritius, comment below so I can always find your suggestions again once I start making the dream come true! Tips are especially welcome if you are Mauritian or have lived there for a while

Are you a travel blogger and do you have good posts about Mauritius? Drop them in a comment below and I’ll read them!

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Sail Mauritius: Dinghy Sailing a Tiny Catamaran in La Gaulette

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Île aux Bénitiers + Crystal Rock by Kayak! (Mauritius)

All this happened on the 10th of January, 2022. After asking around far and wide for a place that would rent us a kayak, someone came through. The caveat? The two-person kayak only had one paddle. But we made do and paddled to île aux Bénitiers and Crystal Rock. Watch the vlog to see what that’s like! Green Village Saves the Day During our stay in La Gaulette, we had quite some trouble getting both a scooter and a kayak. We eventually got a scooter, but the kayak was still such a difficult quest. We had messaged and called severalContinue reading

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(Craft) Beer in Mauritius Guide—What a Lovely Surprise!

Trying new beers in a new country or city is one of my favorite things. That’s even better when the beer is crafty. On day 1 in Mauritius, this country already surprised me with its rather thriving craft beer scene. I haven’t fully explored all options yet since I’ve only been here for a few weeks, so I’ll update this post if I encounter more gems of liquid gold. Mauritian Craft Beer Companies The first two companies I encountered were Flying Dodo Brewery Company and The Thirsty Fox. The former has a delightfully basic website that leaves you guessing whatContinue reading

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