Hitch-bucketlist: Millau Viaduct

A couple of days ago I was still in France completing one of my “Hitch Bucketlist Masterpieces of Human Engineering”: the Millau viaduct! One of these pillars that keeps it all standing is taller than the Eiffel Tower and it spans the entire valley. My French driver spoke good English as he had just been back from a five-month backpacking trip himself and he told me more stories of the bridge as there were loads of protests against it. A one way voyage over the bridge costs a whopping €9.40, so I offered to contribute. This bridge is truly Majestic and next time I’m on this route I’d like to take the smaller road that goes through the valley so I can admire it once again from a different perspective!

Currently I’m in Spain 200km from my destination Malaga, but all the cars are full, because holidays. I hope to find another ride so I will make it before sunset!

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