Hot Springs in Chile

Fresh update from Chile! The past days I’ve been exploring the Arica y Parinacota region from the coast to the mountains while freecamping at hot springs and ruins. Yes, nice warm hot springs, good enough to keep a hitchhiker clean, though smelly of sulphur.. it’s kind of a weird idea to sit down in a warm natural pool of water heated by the core of the earth that could decide to erupt your ass off any second. It’s like passive badassery. Most of the time I was some 4500 meters above sea level and FYI: altitude sickness is a Real Thing with Nasty Consequences. I’ve seen more alpacas, vicuñas  (South American glorified deer; tasty) and the occasional donkey than people in the past few days, but I’ve barely been so in touch with mama nature. I wasn’t aware that there’s a special kind of flamingo that lives at this temperature and altitude, but nonetheless they were seeking the warmth just like me under the smelly blanket of a hot spring.
I’m currently back at the breatheable level of 1000 meters above sea level in Huara in the next province. Is it the Atacama desert you’re wondering about? It’s next!


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