Ethiopia is a country I haven’t been to (yet). So far there has never been a time that I was close to Ethiopia or the general neighborhood, but I enjoyed eating Ethiopian food in the UAE and in Istanbul.

I hope that in the future, you can find posts about traveling to Ethiopia on this page.

Things I’d Like to Do in Ethiopia

  • Hitchhike a little bit here and there. I’d love to write hitchhiking signs in the Aramaic alphabet
  • Enjoy the capital city Addis Ababa and take the Addis Ababa light rail everywhere. Perhaps visit the Zoma Museum, the Mercato or Shola markets, The Africa Unbound Museum, the Tiglachin Monument, the Monument to the Lion of Judah, the Red Terror Martyr’s Memorial Museum, the National Palace Museum, and see some above-ground churches and cathedrals (Entoto Maryam Church, Holy Trinity Cathedral) and the Washa Mikael Rock-Hewn Church
  • When leaving the capital, I’d like to take the Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway. This would also be my preferred way of entering/leaving Djibouti
  • You know I’m really looking forward to the food and coffee. I’m gonna eat a lot of yetsom beyaynetu. I’ve been using this glossary to find out what’s what
  • In Lalibela, see the Age of Empires wonder of the Ethiopians, the Bete Amanuel. While in the area, it would also be cool to visit St. George’s Cathedral (also rock-hewn)
  • If I’m in Ethiopia at the right time, I’d like to witness local holidays such as Enkutatash and Meskel (both in September in the ’20s), Timkat, and Ashenda in the northern regions
  • See or hike up Ras Dashen (4620masl), the highest point in Ethiopia
  • Try to do some boat trips. Perhaps by kayak, perhaps by something bigger via the only navigable river, the Baro River
  • Visit one or more of the many Ethiopian national parks
  • See some natural wonders, such as the Danakil Desert, the Dallol Depression, Erta Ale volcano and lava fields, and the Blue Nile Falls
  • Visit some lake islands with churches and monasteries, such as Deq Island

Map of Things to do in Ethiopia

Not everything on this map has been researched in depth.

If you know cool places and things to do in Ethiopia, comment below so I can always find your suggestions again once I start making the dream come true! Tips are especially welcome if you are Ethiopian or have lived there for a while

Are you a travel blogger and do you have good posts about Ethiopia? Drop them in a comment below and I’ll read them!

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