Montenegrin Sunsets

Dear friends, followers and fans!
I’m currently residing in the small town of #Kruče, #Montenegro for a couple of days with my friend and fellow #hitchhiking nomad Aleksandra and her dog Lu Lu (pictured). She has an amazing place and leads a simple lifestyle in this beautiful beachside town. She hitchhikes together with her dog (mad props!) and we have a lot to talk about. The only place I can get WiFi at is the local pizzeria “Laki” (Lucky) where the owners understand the struggle of internet-dependency of the 21st century 😉 I will post about one time per day now to unplug a little, but don’t worry, there will be plenty of cool stories regardless of not being in motion all the time! The sunsets are amazing here and I was lucky to capture this picture when Lu Lu wasn’t moving for three seconds 🙂 I’m doing my research on #Albania and #Tirana now since those will be en route to #Malta!
Enjoy your morning/afternoon/evening/night as I try to fight off the mosquitoes!
#CrnaGora #outdoors #unplug #wifistruggle #summertime #nomads #seaside #beachtown #chillax (at Kruce Montenegro)

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