New Year’s in La Paz, Bolivia

Happy New Year’s Eve/morning/afternoon/night wherever you are and whether you celebrate it this time of the year! It’s still 30 December here in La Paz, Bolivia, but I’m shit with timing stuff so I’d rather say it sooner than later. Tomorrow I’ll be writing for you guys on my blog all day – much like the previous posts! – and then I’ll have a Bolivian NYE dinner after midnight with the locals.

This photo was taken at the “Mirador Killi Killi” in the huge-ass city of La Paz, where you can see snow-topped mountains even though it’s summer here now. I’ve been a little trippy on the lack of oxygen here and drinking plenty of “coca-leaf mate” tea to fight the altitude sickness. I’m still not winning. The upside? Can’t smoke much if I can’t breathe, so my cigarette consumption is Low Low Low. Hah, guess I accidentally made myself a new year’s resolution!

I might go back up to this mirador (lookout) tomorrow to see fireworks and all that noise. I’m (really) scared of fireworks though and would rather appreciate them from the distance. It’s my fourth year in a row celebrating NYE abroad (Tbilisi, Georgia; New Orleans, USA; Poznań, Poland; La Paz, Bolivia) *cough humblebrag cough*… don’t really know why I shared that info…

The big question is: can a hitchhiker find/afford champagne in Bolivia? Stay tuned for the bubble-hunt!


4 thoughts on “New Year’s in La Paz, Bolivia

    • I’ll be going to the deep south first! Come to Patagonia + Tierra del Fuego! 😀

  1. hey, if you’re still around la Paz, you might want to check out this mirador -16.483813, -68.161930. It’s called “Acha Apacheta” (if I remember correctly), it’s right below el Alto (in fact you can walk there from el Alto) and in my opinion the view is even nicer than from Kili Kili 🙂

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