The Hitchhiker’s Wishlist

1. Colorful markers to make ultra cool signs
2. Hiking socks. There’s never enough new unsmelly, hole-free hiking socks
3. Zero-mass tent with zero-mass stakes. Why is this so heavy?
4. Rip-proof, dirt-proof and smell-proof backpack. Preferably with anti food explosion feature too
5. Leather hiking boots with cool laces
6. Magic mattress and sleepingbag with spontaneous “my own bed” feature that makes it as comfy as home
7. Endless supply of cardboard for making signs
8. Audio books for learning any language in your sleep “Dexter’s Lab Omelet de la fromage” style
9. Pull over any car magnetic field
10. Visas
11. Disappearance of all land borders
12. Friendly immigration officers (wishful thinking)
13. Boat-hitching free pass, world wide
14. A pervert-free world (or an endless supply of pepperspray)
15. Hitchhiking being legal everywhere (except on the highway, that’s just stupid)

16. Genie in a bottle to make this come true. Or a real Santa!


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