Surprise Storm

Yesterday we hitched to the hotsprings of Benjë, not far from Përmet and on my wishlist for Albania from day one. We went for a much needed warm bath and all was fun until the rain started, then heavy rain and the following hail from the sky that grew bigger by the second. We were hiding under the bridge when six Albanian guys joined us and all our stuff got completely soaking wet. That wasn’t even the biggest obstacle though, since we had to cross two spontaneous mud streams with our heavy backpacks on flip flops! All washed away and dirty (again), we managed to get some pity-rides to Përmet where we slept with permission of the night guard in some random building near the castle. My shoes are nearly dry and then we’re going to Gjirokastra. Fingers crossed the weather will stay nice!
#Albania #Shqipëri #backpack #backpacking #hitchhiking #actofnature #wesurvived #UCMsweatersaroundtheworld #betterthanuni (at Banjat E Bënjës (Llixha))

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