Birthday in France!

24! Celebrating my birthday with family and the beautiful mountains and rivers of Die, in the Drôme region, of France! I think this is the 8th time or so I’ve celebrated my birthday in France, as we used to go here almost every year when my sister and I were younger, so it’s like the good old days! Today we went shopping for gifts, or actually, necessities, as the pants in this picture were completely destroyed after 19 months of travel and getting stuck in places like bushes and fences I had to climb over.

I HAVE NEW PANTS!! Also, I finally have some cooking gear so I can prepare something instead of eating raw stuff at the hitchgathering in the valley next to this one. Thank you, mom! 🙂 <3

#ouiouilavachequirit #hitchgathering2015 #hitchhiking #hitchyourfamily #croissant #speakfrenchtome #goodolddays #nostalgia #camping #ladrôme #syndicatdinitiative (at Domaine du Murier)

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