My #urbancamping spot last night next to the hotel I used the WiFi at. It’s an alley next to the parking lot that the lady from reception recommended me and the hotel staff paid attention to my safety during the night, so that’s really nice of them! A little cold and windy, but you know I’m prepared for the worst. Best thing about this spot? The hotel’s WiFi was still working!
P.S. I know, I look like a disturbed groupie teenager who listens to terrible music and stalks the lead guitarist of some shitty band in this picture..
#Nikšić #Montenegro #CrnaGora #camping #freecamping #asknicely #UCMhoodie #UCMaroundtheworld #UCMrtw #dropout #HotelMarshal (at Hotel Marshal,Niksic)

4 thoughts on “Urban-Freecamping

  1. Iris 🙂 In the immortal words of Roxette, Shes got the look! Shes got the looookk!

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